A Guide to Buying Rotisserie Oven Spare Parts

Whether you own a commercial rotisserie oven or a smaller model designed to cook just one chicken at home, you should think about getting some spare parts. Certain components of rotisserie ovens can get damaged faster than others. By getting a replacement, you’ll ensure the smooth functioning of the appliance without having to buy a new one.

The following guide will shed some light on the buying process and help you find out how to keep your rotisserie oven in the best possible condition.

Have Your Oven Inspected by a Professional

If your rotisserie oven doesn’t work according to specifications or if it has stopped running altogether, chances are that something has gone terribly wrong.

Before looking for rotisserie oven spare parts, you may want to call a professional. Having someone that specialises in such appliances examining the oven will give you a much better idea about what has gone wrong. Chances are that you’ll be incapable of identifying the issue by yourself. By having a professional inspection, you’ll know exactly what to buy.

Look for the Right Spare Parts

It may get a bit confusing finding spare parts, especially if you own a highly specialised piece of equipment like a commercial rotisserie oven.

Always make sure that the piece is compatible with the model you own. This is especially important for people that plan to buy spare parts online. The spare parts could be made by a company that’s different from the manufacturer of the rotisserie oven. Thus, always look for a list of the model that the particular replacement is compatible with.

Some of the Commonly Needed Rotisserie Oven Spare Parts

As already mentioned, certain components are subjected to more wear and tear than others. This is why they could potentially get damaged faster. Here are some of the items on your rotisserie oven that could stop functioning sooner or later.

Power Cords

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Rotisserie oven power cords can easily get damaged, especially if you use the electrical oven frequently. The good news is that you can’t go wrong with the purchase of such spare parts because they are more or less universal.

When looking for spare power cords, check for the pin spacing and the length of the cord. The appliance’s manual should contain information about the cord specifications. Compare those before making the purchase. A longer cord will usually be suitable for rotisserie ovens that are frequently used outdoor.

Brushes and Cleaners

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During the cooking process, some fat will drop to the bottom of the rotisserie oven. Though most of the appliances have non-stick interiors, there will still be some accumulation with time.

Brushes are essential for getting rid of grease and grime. Needless to say, these cleaning supplies will get damaged fast because their bristles are soft. It’s a good idea to have a couple of brushes available, especially if you run a commercial venue.

Cleaning Tablets

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When it comes to keeping the rotisserie oven in a pristine condition, you have another clever product to benefit from. Cleaning tablets are simple and effective. These are particularly suitable for commercial rotisserie oven owners.

These are usually sold in bulk, which reduces the price of the product. The oven’s instructions should provide information about the number of tablets to use each time for efficient cleaning. The tablets are designed for insertion in the cavity drain of rotisserie oven models that have a cleaning function.

Fuel Conversion Kits

If you have a rotisserie oven that runs on natural gas and you’d like to convert it to propane or vice versa, you’ll need to buy a conversion kit. Such additional parts will be great if fuel prices suddenly change and it’s no longer affordable to run your oven on gas or on propane.

A good fit is essential to ensure the safe running of your oven. Make sure that the conversion kit you’re getting is compatible with your model.

Control Knobs

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The control knobs are the ones used to adjust the temperature, start and stop the oven. Most often, they’re made of plastic. Though durable, the knobs could potentially get damaged with time.

Replacement knobs are available for most varieties of commercial and at-home rotisserie ovens. These spare parts are very inexpensive and you don’t need a qualified professional to make the replacement.