Buying the Best Rotisserie Cooker

Who doesn’t love rotisserie chicken? If you look for recipes, you’ll find some options for getting it cooked in a conventional oven. To enjoy the best results, however, a rotisserie oven will be needed.

What’s a Rotisserie Oven?

The term refers to an oven that features any given number of rotating spits. Chicken and other poultry is often cooked in rotisserie ovens. The “spinning” of the meat ensures even cooking and gives rotisserie chicken its delicious taste.

Most rotisserie ovens are made for commercial use because the spits can hold a big number of chickens. If you search hard, you may find some varieties that are designed for at-home use but the possibilities are fewer.

Buying a rotisserie oven may be a good idea if you have a restaurant or if you host parties for numerous people frequently. A rotisserie oven is a great addition to an outdoor event and even a barbecue gathering. It will provide a healthy and delicious meal for everyone to enjoy.

Important Things to Look for in a Rotisserie Oven

If you’re 100 per cent certain that you want to buy a rotisserie oven, keep the following essentials in mind when exploring products:

  • Size: whether intended for home use or commercial use, rotisserie ovens will vary in size. There are free-standing units, which are usually bigger. Countertop units fit in smaller kitchens but they can usually cook only one chicken at a time.
  • Heat settings: you should be capable of adjusting the heat, thus determining how fast the chicken is going to get cooked. This is usually achieved by having a thermostat on the oven.
  • Number of spits: the number of spits will obviously be the factor that will affect the number of chickens you’ll get to cook at the same time.
  • Timer: an automatic timer is a great added bonus. It turns off the oven when the cooking process is done. You don’t have to be around, monitoring the preparation of the chicken by opting for an oven with a timer.

The Best Rotisserie Oven Models

Now that you’re acquainted with the basics, it’s a good idea to look at some of the top models of the market and go through the features that make these ovens so popular. Here are some of the best rotisserie ovens of 2015.

Ronco ST5500BLGEN Rotisserie Oven

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The Ronco ST5500BLGEN Rotisserie Oven offers an excellent price to quality ratio. This is a home-use rotisserie oven that can prepare both chicken and turkey. The capacity of the oven is sufficient for cooking two chickens (or one turkey) at the same time.

Some of the most impressive characteristics of Ronco ST5500BLGEN Rotisserie Oven include very precise speed of the rotating spit, a three-hour timer, a glass door that allows you to monitor the cooking, a non-stick spit and a rotisserie basket (for making hamburgers and chicken nugget).

MaxiMatic ERO-2008S Elite Cuisine 6-Slice Toaster Oven with Rotisserie and Grill/Griddle Top

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This rotisserie oven is also quite versatile. It has eight functions among which boiling, rotisserie cooking, baking, steaming and food heating. There’s one spit included in the set, enabling the cooking of one chicken. The oven, however, is a bit too small to prepare a whole turkey.

The cooking temperature can be adjusted from 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s a 60-minute automatic timer and a non-stick grill. The design is very compact, turning this oven in the ideal countertop appliance.

Black & Decker CTO7100B Toast-R-Oven Digital Rotisserie Convection Oven

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The Black & Decker CTO7100B Toast-R-Oven Digital Rotisserie Convection Oven takes the third position and impresses with the clean design, as well as its stainless steel body. This is another small desktop model that’s designed for cooking one chicken at a time.

The oven’s characteristics include a removable rotisserie spit, a bake pan, a 60-minute automatic timer, a removable crumb tray and two toasting trays.

NutriChef Kitchen Vertical Countertop Rotisserie Rotating Oven

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The design of the NutriChef Kitchen Vertical Countertop Rotisserie Rotating Oven is slightly different from what the other appliances have to bring to the table. This is a vertical oven and as such, it occupies the least amount of space in your kitchen.

The NutriChef rotisserie oven has made it to the list because of its dual heating elements, a 120-minute automatic timer, a skewer and an inclined poultry rack and a maximum cooking temperature of 185 degrees.