The Top X Commercial Rotisserie Oven Reviews

A commercial rotisserie oven is a great addition to every restaurant and fast food spot. It enables the preparation of numerous chickens at the same time, it’s an energy-efficient appliance and it cooks the meat in a unique way. Rotisserie ovens, however, aren’t created equal.

Going through reviews and comparisons is one of the easiest options for buying a commercial rotisserie oven. The following guide will acquaint you with some of the top market picks, helping you make up your mind about the purchase of one or the other.

30 Chicken Commercial Rotisserie Oven Machine, Gas

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According to multiple reviewers, the 30 Chicken Commercial Rotisserie Oven Machine, Gas is the best piece of rotisserie restaurant equipment currently available on the market. It’s one of the products offering a great price to quality ratio and though simple, it produces delicious chicken every single time.

This is an electric rotisserie oven and as the name suggests, the spits enable the simultaneous cooking of 30 chickens.

The oven measures 63 by 45.7 by 19.7 inches, so make sure you have enough space available. There are six spits in total, each one sufficient for cooking five chickens at the same time. The side panel opens, enabling the loading of the spits. The front glass is a sliding one for easier access, as well. What’s most important, the chicken cooks thoroughly – it’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Alto-Shaam AR-7EVH-DBLPANE Electric 28 Chicken Capacity Rotisserie Oven


This is another top-quality product. The Alto-Shaam AR-7EVH-DBLPANE Electric 28 Chicken Capacity Rotisserie Oven is a double-pane commercial appliance that features a ventless hood (in comparison to the first machine that has a top vent). It comes with seven spits and a capacity for cooking 28 chickens at the same time.

The machine is electric and quite energy-efficient.

Some other important characteristics to keep in mind include a curved glass door, multi-functional cooking controls and a size of 40 by 32 by 54 inches. The model is a bit smaller than the first one, thus it may fit in a tinier restaurant kitchen. The ventless design facilitates the installation even further.

B.K.I. FS Electric 9-Bird Commercial Rotisserie, 240v/1ph, Each


This commercial rotisserie oven is even smaller than the first two entries in the list, making it great for small restaurants that don’t have that many visitors. The oven is big enough to cook nine chickens simultaneously.

It’s an electric rotisserie oven that doesn’t use up a lot of power during the cooking process.

The size of the oven is small enough to characterise it as a countertop appliance. Some of the oven’s most important characteristics include a hot-hold feature, a touch screen for easier control and adjustments, three cooking programs and a glass door for easy observation of the cooking process.

Liquid Propane Alto-Shaam AR-6G Gas Rotisserie with 6 Skewers

liquid propane

Another Alto-Shaam entry in the list, this rotisserie oven uses propane to get powered. If propane prices in your city are affordable, such an oven may be a better pick.

The oven has six skewers and a high capacity for the simultaneous preparation of 40 to 42 chickens.

Its main characteristics include an illuminated display cabinet, black enamel exterior, visible flame burners that make the oven more attractive for your restaurant visitors, three heat zones for even cooking, independent burners, a drip tray and drain.

10 Chicken Commercial Rotisserie Oven Machine, Gas

10 chicken

The final entry in the list is another rotisserie oven that doesn’t depend on electricity for its functioning. The 10 Chicken Commercial Rotisserie Oven Machine, Gas is a smaller unit that’s suitable for medium-sized and smaller restaurants or fast food spots.

The machine measures 36.1 by 45.7 by 19.7 inches. It features two skewers, each one capable of holding five chickens for simultaneous cooking. The body of the appliance is made of solid stainless steel that boosts durability. There’s a display panel from glass in the front that you can use to control the cooking process and that will also show the delicious chickens to the restaurant visitors.

When buying a rotisserie oven for your restaurant, think about capacity and your fuel of preference. As you can see, the top picks are very different from each other. Take some time to explore their pros and cons and if possible, visit other commercial venues to see their equipment. This way, you can buy the appliance that will be most cost-efficient and that will enable you to serve the best food.